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      Package Materials                                                                                                                  
      Sofa package: The package material including 3 layers. Thick PE foam  to corner protection, middle layer with polyester bubble bags, outer layer with woven plastic bag.
      Chair package: The package material including 3 layers. Thick PE foam to corner protection,the cardboard to protect the chairs legs. middel layer with polyester bubble bags or Non-wovon bag, outer layer with K&K carton box.  If the chair is heavy we normally use the pallets.
      Glass package: The package material including 3 layers,  polyester bubble bag for inner,  the high density foam to protect the edges and corners.   middle layer with K&K carton box. outer layer with pallets. 
      We offer a range of very strong and professional packing methods for our products.
      ?Cardboard and Corrugated packing boxes in a variety of sizes to fit most needs
      ?Bubble Wrap and Foam to protect the inside,
      ?Stretch Wrap in 2 sizes
      ?Chair, Love Seat and Sofa Covers
      ?Feet protectors?Clear labeling?Quilted Internal Pads
      ?Mattress Bags ?Reinforced cardboard or wooden crates
      ?EPS plate?Shipping Tape ?Environmental Dryers
      ?We even carry custom LOGOS by request.


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